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The Essence of Nature | coffee table art book


Paintings by Maeve Croghan

10" x 8", hard cover, $34.95



The Essence of Nature is an eye-catching coffee table book that's perfect for sharing your love of the island with friends and family. The book showcases a beautiful collection of luminescent oil paintings by Mackinac Island artist Maeve Croghan. The paintings express Mackinac's beauty and depict the special places on the island where people of all ages may discover the joy of life and nature. The book also takes viewers on a tour of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Northern California, France and Italy.  




Book Review


"The Essence of Nature celebrates the work of Mackinac Island painter and naturalist Maeve Croghan.  The book contains dozens of Ms. Croghan's works, including pieces that were commissioned or sold and scattered about to sellers all over the country.  For the first time, her work is compiled in a single product that can be shared with even more people." Stephanie Fortino, Mackinac Town Crier

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