MIMI the MONARCH | children's picture book


Authors Natalia and Mark Wohletz

Illustrations by Natalia Wohletz

9" x 6", hardcover, $16.95, ages 3-8

ISBN: 978-0-9973847-3-4

Explore the magical world of a monarch as it transforms from an egg to a caterpillar to a chrysalis, and finally into a beautiful butterfly. Stunning photographs give readers an up close look at the stages of a butterfly's metamorphosis. This children's science book features a rhyming story, photographs, illustrations and field notes loaded with fun facts.

free downloadable monarch coloring pages available 4.15.2020!
free downloadable monach butterfly coloring page
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"WOW! WOW! WOW! The photographs in the book are stunningly beautiful.  The photos show close ups of the

caterpillar in many of its stages. The book is a photo essay, picture book, non-fiction all rolled into one.  The story of the Mama Monarch mission has a nice cadence and is a perfect read to the youngest readers. The factual information presented is just the right amount for young readers. The information presented is great for a school report as well. This book will not disappoint. A first purchase for public and school libraries."   – Maria Showich-Gallup, Head of Children's Services, Farmington Community Library

"The book itself feels great! The pictures are beautiful. The additional drawings add a nice contrast to the color photos.

I appreciate the field notes. They can be read or ignored, based on the reader's age or interest. I like the rhythmic text, along with the rhymes." – Melanie Albert, Early Childhood Specialist, Farmington Community Library

"MIMI the MONARCH follows a monarch's journey from larva to butterfly.  The story, written in poetic verse with playful rhyming, provides a narrative that allows children to connect with the issues threatening monarchs." – Jacob A. Ball, Mackinac Town Crier

Triple the Fun on Mackinac Island

by Victoria Buursma

illustrated by Natalia Wohletz

8" x 8", Soft cover, $12

ISBN: 978--9973847-6-5

Join triplet sisters Josie, Rosie and Ellie as they travel to Mackinac Island. It's three times the fun – as they ride on horse-drawn carriages, splash in the Grand Hotel pool, watch butterflies sip nectar and visit soldiers in uniform at Fort Mackinac.

The girls don't always agree on things such as fudge flavors and who gets to sit on Grandpa's lap, but they learn that if they take turns, share and problem-solve little obstacles along the way, their Mackinac Island adventures are always triple the fun.

Beautifully illustrated scenes along with the author's hard-earned tips and fun-filled activities ideas for parents traveling with young children make this book a must for your Mackinac Island children's library collection.

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