About Us
Jennifer Wohletz
publisher, editor, photographer, book designer

Jennifer leads the publishing side of our business – Mackinac Memories Press. She approaches every subject as a story waiting to be written and told in pictures. After graduating from Michigan State University, she served as a magazine editor for corporate clients while also studying and experimenting with photography.  Many of our books utilize Jennifer's photographs to visually tell the story. Her images focus on the wonder of nature and often reveal surprising, fresh perspectives when human-made and natural elements merge in the island’s landscapes. 

Natalia Wohletz
illustrator, painter, printmaker, custom framer & gallery owner

Natalia is a math geek and artist.  She leads the business and artistic side of Mackinac Memories, llc. as well as our custom frame shop and art gallery, Main Street Art in Milford, Mich., and our printmaking branch, Peninsula Prints.  As an artist, Natalia is drawn to natural, tucked-away scenes of Mackinac Island. She prefers settings that represent and convey the tone of a special feeling or memory. Natalia is a graduate of Kalamazoo College with a BA in mathematics and minor in studio arts. 

Trail Lookout

Grand Prize | 2019 Contemporary Art Show, Mackinac Art Museum & honorable mention award | 2019 Poetry Art Night Exhibit, Village Fine Arts Association, Milford, MI

Mist Over Blue Ice by Jennifer

3rd place | 2018 Landscapes of Mackinac Contemporary Art Exhibition, Mackinac Island & 3rd place | 2018 Poetry Art Night Exhibit, Village Fine Arts Association, Milford, MI

Home by Natalia

honorable mention award | 2018 Poetry Art Night Exhibit, Village Fine Arts Association, Milford, MI

Take Off by Jennifer

honorable mention award | 2016 Poetry Art Night Exhibit, Village Fine Arts Association, Milford, MI

MIMI the MONARCH by Natalia & Mark

winner, children's nonfiction | National Indie Book Awards

COLORFUL MACKINAC, by Natalia & Lily

finalist, coloring book illustrations | National Indie Excellence Awards

Water Beyond the Bridge, The Gardens of Mackinac Island, LILACS & Mindful Mackinac

Author Sue Allen

The Gardens of Mackinac Island & An Intro to the Gardens of MI

Author Jack Barnwell


Photographer Mark Bearss

Triple the Fun on Mackinac Island

Author Victoria Buursma

The Essence of Nature

Artist Maeve Croghan


Author Moira Croghan

Colorful Mackinac & Mindful Mackinac

Artist Alek Cummings

Water Beyond the Bridge & Colorful Mackinac

Artist Lily Niederpruem

MIMI the Monarch

Author Mark Wohletz

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The Essence of Nature

Artist Maeve Croghan

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