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Four Seasons of Mackinac cover
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Four Seasons of Mackinac book fall pages
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Author Glen Young

Photoessay by Jennifer Wohletz

9" x 9", Hard cover with jacket, 184 pages, $38

ISBN: 978-0-9973847-8-9

Witness the Splendor of Mackinac’s

Ever-Changing Landscape

Mackinac Island is a Great Lakes jewel, impressing and startling residents and visitors alike with her seasonal changes against her backbone of limestone and evergreen. Four Seasons of Mackinac provides full access to the ever-changing landscape – and weather – of Mackinac Island, as you see the full-year beauty of this treasured island in all her history and natural splendor. You will feel the chill and the thrill of the concrete-like ice bridge; and smell the first batch of summer fudge – or first lilac blooms – wafting over Main Street; and hear the clip clop beat of horses’ hooves as you traverse her trails and her streets and her shorelines through all seasons. 

Contributing photographers include:  Mark Bearss, Kara Beth Nicholson, Mark Sawatzki, Jimmy Taylor, Katharine Rose Witt, Sara Wright and more.


Book Review


“Four Seasons of Mackinac truly captures the essence of Mackinac throughout the year. All the icons are here, but so are the hidden gems and a fair number of whimsical surprises,"  – Steve Brisson, director, Mackinac State Historic Parks

LILACS – A Fortnight of Fragrance on Mac
LILACS book preview 8-9 Preface
LILACS – A Fortnight of Fragrance on Mackinac Island book
LILACS book preview 20-21 poetry
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LILACS book preview 68-69 Marquette Park
LILACS book preview 56-57 West Bluff
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A Fortnight of Fragrance on Mackinac Island

Authors Sue Allen & Jeff Young

Photography by Jennifer Wohletz

9" x 9", Hard cover with jacket, $30

ISBN:  978-0-9973847-7-2


During lilac time in June, a fragrant canopy of color rises as high as 18 feet on the oldest lilacs on Mackinac Island.  Horticulturists claim there is nowhere else on the planet where you can find lilacs with such impressive architecture.  LILACS – A Fortnight of Fragrance on Mackinac Island, takes readers on a photographic tour of the iconic blooms unfolding all over the island, from quaint little lanes to sunny Marquette Park to a huge hedge at British Landing. 


Authors Sue Allen and Jeff Young tell of the times when lilacs were first planted, why they thrive on the island and how the centuries old lilacs are interwoven with history and horses in Mackinac’s fabric. LILACS is a keepsake for anyone with a passion for lilacs, the island, or simply an interest in gardening. Proceeds from this book will support a preservation fund to protect and care for Mackinac’s lilacs for generations to come.

TIMELESS: Wedding Cake Cottage
TIMELESS: West Wind Cottage
TIMELESS: Inside West Wind Cottage
TIMELESS: Baby Grand Cottage
TIMELESS: Inside Baby Grand Cottage
TIMELESS: Donnybrook Cottage
TIMELESS: Hahn Cottage
TIMELESS: Inside Hahn Cottage
TIMELESS: Brigadoon Cottage
TIMELESS: Inside Brigadoon Cottage
Inside Mackinac Island's Historic Cottages

Author Moira Croghan

Photography by Mark Bearss

9" x 9", Hard cover with jacket, $48

published in partnership with Mackinac Jane's Publishing

Silver Award Winner, 2020 Benjamin Franklin Award,

International Book Publishing Association

TIMELESS offers an inside peek at the private historic cottages people cherish on Mackinac Island.  With more than 300 photographs, the 9” x 9”, 272-page, hard-cover coffee table book takes readers on a tour of 33 of these architectural treasures – providing inspiration for creating inviting, relaxing spaces in homes new and old.


“TIMELESS is an informative and visually stunning book that serves as a time capsule of the historic cottages of Mackinac Island, providing a glimpse of how they have been preserved more than a century after they were built,” says Rick Neumann, architect, a Michigan Historic Preservation Network Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, and architectural reviewer for the Mackinac Island Planning Commission and the Historic District Commission.  “The book’s photographs capture the unique interiors of these cottages, which reflect the magnificent nature of Victorian architecture and Mackinac Island.”

The Gardens of Mackinac Island
The Gardens of Mackinac Island - forewor
The Gardens of Mackinac Island - Boardwa
The Gardens of Mackinac Island - Grand H
The Gardens of Mackinac Island - Lilacs
The Gardens of Mackinac Island - Marquet
The Gardens of Mackinac Island - Craig M
The Gardens of Mackinac Island

by Jack Barnwell and Sue Allen

10" x 10", Hard cover with jacket, $50

ISBN: 978-0-9973847-5-8

Tour Mackinac Island’s private and public outdoor spaces for a rare peek at gardens both humble and grand.  Each garden has a story, many have secrets, and most have a connection to the past. Come to the gardens and hear the voices of those who love them. With more than 600 color photographs featuring nearly 100 gardens and the Mackinac Island State Park, this book masterfully interweaves narratives, poetry, history and horticulture of this unique island, creating a time capsule of past and present. 


Mackinac's premier landscape architect Jack Barnwell along with his fellow island landscape designers and local gardeners show how they bring a unique sense of style in the outdoors. From naturalized rock gardens, tranquil ponds, fragrant lilacs and heirloom perennial gardens, to classical statues, elegant fountains, historic pergolas and showy border gardens, The Gardens of Mackinac Island provides a welcome variety of inspiration for creating an inviting, relaxing outdoor space.

Gardens of Mackinac Island
Lilacs fill the air with fragrance
West Bluff garden vistas
Mission Point Resort's gazebo
East Bluff garden views
Tour the intimate green spaces
an introduction to the Gardens of
Mackinac Island | picture book


Author Jack Barnwell

Photography by Jennifer Wohletz

6" x 9", soft cover, $18

ISBN: 978-0-9973847-4-1


Mackinac Island's unique location, quaint horse culture and crop of passionate gardeners has led to the creation of many spectacular gardens.  Guided by one of Mackinac's premier landscape designers, explore the island through its most breathtaking vistas.  

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