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1. Draw.   2. Carve.   3. Print.


Those are the three steps Natalia takes to create a wood or linoleum block print.  It's a practice dating back hundreds of years that she learned while studying studio arts in college. The art form originated in Asia and has gone through many transformations following changes in culture and advancements in technology. 


"When I was first introduced to block printing I was instantly drawn to the beautiful texture created with the carving tools. It's challenging and exciting to carve away the negative space in an image and create the intricate details that make each design unique." – Natalia 


Natalia's linoleum block prints are original, limited edition designs based on her drawings of iconic and tucked away scenes of Michigan, especially those found on Mackinac Island, Mich. Scroll through the images below the sketch of "30 Degrees" to learn more about the printmaking process!


To view Natalia's entire print portfolio of original art and notecards,  please visit her printmaking website:  Or, shop on our sister site at

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