by Sue Allen & Jeff Young

photography by Jennifer Wohletz


ISBN:  978-0-9973847-7-2

Hard Cover, 9” x 9”, 152 pages, Color photographs

Coffee Table Book, Home & Garden, Travel

Published by Mackinac Memories


During lilac time in June, a fragrant canopy of color rises as high as 18 feet on the oldest lilacs on Mackinac Island.  Horticulturists claim there is nowhere else on the planet where you can find lilacs with such impressive architecture.  LILACS – A Fortnight of Fragrance on Mackinac Island, takes readers on a photographic tour of the iconic blooms unfolding all over the island, from quaint little lanes to sunny Marquette Park to a huge hedge at British Landing. 


Authors Sue Allen and Jeff Young tell of the times when lilacs were first planted, why they thrive on the island and how the centuries old lilacs are interwoven with history and horses in Mackinac’s fabric.  LILACS is a keepsake for anyone with a passion for lilacs, the island, or simply an interest in gardening. Proceeds from this book will support a preservation fund to protect and care for Mackinac’s lilacs for generations to come.  


LILACS – A Fortnight of Fragrance on Mackinac Island honors the magic that happens for a few short weeks in June.  The book’s photographs offer a captivating view of Mackinac’s beauty and the century old plants that thrive there.  I can almost smell the lilacs as I flip each page!” –  Dr. Robert A. Zavodny, president, International Lilac Society

LILACS – A Fortnight of Fragrance on Mackinac Island