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Mackinac Island art & books designed to
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Jennifer & Natalia Wohletz in snow on Mackinac

Jennifer Wohletz (left) with her business partner and daughter, Natalia, enjoying a winter hike on Mackinac while photographing scenes for a soon-to-be-released book, Four Seasons of Mackinac, featuring images of the island throughout the four seasons.

As an artistic duo, we've been lucky to call Mackinac Island, Mich., home since 2006.  Together, we explore the island by bike and foot looking for inspiration.  Like many people, we believe there's something magical about the Island that makes you happy when you're there and yearn for it when you're away. Somedays, it's the clear, cool water that takes your breath away. On others, it's the delicate wildflowers that dazzle your eyes. Just about every day, it's the rhythmic clip-clop of horses that puts a bounce in your step. 


Our books are designed to capture this magic and transport your imagination back to Mackinac whenever you're away.  They feature the creative work of local authors, artists, photographers and poets who share our love of the island, which means Mackinac Memories Books are loaded with insightful text and beautiful imagery.  For every book and photograph sold, we make a donation to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation to preserve Mackinac's natural spaces and support the arts.


When we're off the Island, you'll find Natalia in her Peninsula Prints art studio creating Mackinac Island and nature inspired block prints, and both of us in her fine art gallery and custom frame shop, Main Street Artin Milford, Mich.  Please stop by to say, "Hi!" and check out our unique collection of books, gifts and fine art by Michigan artists, as well as to consult with us to frame your art and memorabilia.


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Mackinac inspired contemporary block prints
Natalia's linoleum block prints are original, limited edition designs based on her drawings of iconic and tucked away scenes of Michigan, especially those found on Mackinac Island, Mich. View her portfolio.
Downloadable monarch metamorphosis photo
Join our mailing list & receive a free downloadable monarch metamorphosis photo essay featuring butterflies on Mackinac Island! Learn more about monarchs with MIMI the MONARCH, a children's book.
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Four Seasons reveals the full-year beauty of this treasured island in all her history and natural splendor. Order your copy online or in our fine art gallery and custom frame shop, Main Street Art in Milford, Mich.